Other Monetary Reform Links

We highly recommend this article by Bruce Wiseman
“The purpose of this financial crisis is to take down the United States and the U.S. dollar as the stable datum of planetary finance”
The Financial Crisis: A look behind the wizard’s curtain

Mortimer J. Adler

  Mortimer Adler on Political Liberty and Government Regulation of the Marketplace

Dr. Mortimer J. Adler on true political freedom being dependent on the “widest possible diffusion of ownership of the means of production and property ownership…You cannot make men citizens if they are dependent upon the arbitrary will of other men for their subsistence.” He predicted 50 years ago the “increasing socialization” of the US as based on an incorrect use of government power to redistribute property ownership through taxation (subject to distortion by special interests to their advantage), rather than on correct regulation of the marketplace to prevent massive concentrations of wealth by fewer and fewer men. We would only note that Dr. Adler did not thoroughly study the mechanisms of fractional reserve banking to add prohibition of it – as the primary cause of the unjust concentration of wealth – to the proper regulation of the marketplace. This is an excellent interview of Dr. Adler by Mike Wallace.


Rev. Rod Parsley

  Rev. Rod Parsley on the National Debt and the Fed

We recommend this sermon for its excellent grasp of the essentials of the topic, even though some minor details of the Fed system described are a bit inaccurate. But he has courage, and got the major points correct.

New England Currency

The August Review – Global Elite Research Center
We highly recommend this website for further information: http://www.augustreview.com/

Excellent collection of Monetary Reform links: http://landru.myhome.net/monques/

Truth in Money, Inc., http://www.truthinmoney.com/index.html
Promoting sales of Truth In Money book and Figuring Out the Fed book by Thoren & Warner.

Transaction Net, http://www.transaction.net/index.html
Promoting new models of doing business online and new systems of monetary exchange.

A Proposed Bill for Interest Free Loans, http://www.loansinterestfree.com/index.html
Promoting adoption of HR1452 which would make interest-free  loans available from the federal government to state and local  governments for the exclusive purpose of building and repairing their respective infrastructures. This would allow infrastructure projects to  be built for one-half to one-third the current cost, eliminating the  need to pay interest over 20-30 years and exorbitant bond fees.


Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, http://www.policyalternatives.ca
Best known for its publications Canadian Forum and The Monitor advocating monetary reform.

Democracy Watch, http://www.web.net/dwatch/camp/bankdir.html
Consumer watchdog lobby group which has several campaigns including bank accountability.

Global Outlook, http://www.GlobalOutlook.ca
Excellent source of “Truth Info for Concerned Citizens”

United Kingdom

History of Money, http://www.ex.ac.uk/~RDavies/
A fountain of information free of charge by Roy Davies in Exeter promoting his 716 page book.

Canon Peter Challen summarises Mike Rowbotham’s presentation to the Forum for Stable Currencies at the House of Lords, 12 Dec. 2001


Bank for International Settlements

Social Currency website. Proposes very similar reforms (perhaps influenced by) to the Monetary Reform Act on this website (first presented in 1995). Very good for European Union reform proposals.

Bank for International Settlements


The British Never Quit India
Colonialism merely morphed to a more insidious form by Nancy Freeman Patchen