The Money Masters video/DVD is not in the public domain. Copyright violation is a federal crime. However, we are often requested to allow broadcast of The Money Masters on public access TV, or to public groups. We do occasionally allow this, without charge, subject to the following conditions:

1. Any request to broadcast must be made in writing or email, with the full contact information by the responsible party arranging the broadcast, with a copy of these conditions included;

2. The broadcast venue must be described to us in detail, including a description of the audience;

3. The specific date(s) and time(s) for each of the broadcast(s) must be set forth in the request;

4. No duplication nor recording of the video/DVD whatsoever is allowed;

5. The copyright warning must be included at the beginning of the broadcast;

6. No fees, no donations, no commercials may be solicited in connection with the broadcast, nor between segments, except the identification of the public access channel (if broadcast on public access TV);

7. The broadcast must include website with the words:

“To order visit:”, for a minimum of ten (10) seconds, prominently displayed, in each segment broadcast;

8. If broken into segments for broadcast, all segments must be shown within eight (8) days of the first segment broadcast;

9. No editing may be performed, nor extraneous material inserted;

10. Copies of the video The Money Masters, purchased from our website:, may be offered for sale at, and announcement to the audience must be made that “recording in any manner is prohibited,” at any broadcast at which an audience is physically present (such as at a college auditorium);

11. After the broadcast we request a feedback email informing us of audience numbers and reaction, and any other pertinent information (such as any problems encountered) insofar as this may be easily determined;

12. Our approval in reply to such request must be received in writing or in email reply from us, which approval must be acknowledged by the recipient before broadcast, and the approval must posted at the broadcast site for inspection.

Thank you.